Friday, October 2, 2020

On the BALL (Best Advice & Life Lessons) Podcast with Walt Mossberg

 "Power of personal brand, being entrepreneurial and creating categories".

Listen to my latest podcast with Walt Mossberg, often known as the kingmaker of tech products. Yes, we recorded the podcast using #MicrosoftTeams
He pioneered the modern, consumer-focused, technology review and commentary. In this episode he shares his best advice & lessons on how to be entrepreneurial in a big company, doing what you love even in a large company, the power of personal brand, sharp insights from some of the industry leaders like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Hawkins & others.

On the BALL (Best Advice & Life Lessons) is a podcast show focused on extracting best advice and lessons from world-class performers & leaders, deconstructing and teasing out routines, habits, tactics, techniques, and the best advice or life lesson they've ever received.


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