On the BALL (Best Advice & Life Lessons) Podcast with Brian MacDonald

I recorded the first episode of my podcast with Brian MacDonald today. Check it out. Hope you enjoy it. 

Brian led the creation of several multi-billion dollar products, product categories
and businesses at
Microsoft - from Microsoft Project, Outlook to one of the fastest growing business apps - Microsoft Teams.

Brian is often known as the "Father of Microsoft Outlook," and he helped create #MicrosoftTeams by taking a small group of engineers to his fruit plantation in Hawaii.

He shares his insights on product development, how Microsoft Teams and Outlook happened, his favorite books, habits and much more including the best advice he ever received from his mentors Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Qi Lu, Satya Nadella and some life lessons along the way.

"On the BALL" (Best Advice & Life Lessons) is a podcast show focused around best advice and lessons from world-class performers & leaders (from various walks of life, but mostly business & tech), deconstructing and teasing out their routines, habits, tactics, techniques, and the best advice or life lesson they've ever received.