Saturday, January 4, 2020

10 Leadership Principles: Key Insights from Disney CEO, Bob Iger

  1. Optimism
    A pragmatic enthusiasm for what can be achieved, is one of the most important qualities of a good leader. 
    "Simply put, people are not motivated or energized by pessimists"
  2. Courage
    Foundation of risk-taking, and true innovation occurs only when people have courage.
    "Fear of failure destroys creativity"
  3. Focus
    Focusing time, energy & resources to strategies & problems of highest priority & value.
    "It's imperative to communicate your priorities clearly & often"
  4. Decisiveness
    Encourage a diversity of opinions but make & implement decisions in a timely manner.
    "Chronic indecision is not only inefficient & counterproductive, but it is deeply corrosive to morale"
  5. Curiosity
    Deep curiosity to know & learn enables strong understanding of people, ideas & marketplace. "The path to innovation begins with curiosity"
  6. Fairness
    Empathy is essential to strong leadership, a fair & decent treatment of people. "It means you create an environment where people know you'll hear them out, that you're emotionally consistent & fair-minded.
    "Nothing is worse to an organization than a culture of fear"
  7. Thoughtfulness
    Process of learning, gaining knowledge & reflection, so an opinion or decision is more credible & increase the chances of success. 
    "It's simply about taking the time to think through to develop informed opinions"
  8. Authenticity
    Being honest, genuine and not faking anything makes all the difference with people.
    "Truth & authenticity breed respect and trust"
  9. Relentless pursuit of perfection
    Refusal to accept mediocrity or being just "good enough". 
    "If you're in the business of making things, be in the business of making things great"
  10. Integrity
    Setting high ethical standards for all things, big or small, is most important to people, product or company's success.
    "The way you do anything is the way you do everything"

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