Probably the best 5 minutes of storytelling

I'm an ardent Pixar fan, any animation, cartoon or art for that matter. Here are 2 amazing pieces:
  1. Probably what I consider to be the greatest 5 min of storytelling about dreams, living, loving and life and 
  2. A bonus side-by-side storyboarding at its best #Pixar

Building Incredible Teams

How to go from building average teams to building world-class teams that can deliver incredible results?
Almost every manager, leader and company that I know talks about how people are the most important asset of their company and how to best manage them, however not many shed light on building world-class teams with high-performing players.
Often times, the bedrock of a successful company, product or startup are these teams who are culture creators, culture carriers and culture communicators. It starts with building a great team, an institution that will outlast you.
Building world-class teams is really hard and even harder to sustain and retain. Here are some of my own learning and lessons: